She Creates Change

for Room To Read

"One word — exquisite. Ok two words — exquisite and powerful. My heart is doing back flips. It’s too much! Honestly, it’s just too much beauty and goodness and crazy ass talent! Thank you."

Martha Adams

Room to Read

Room To Read By Mighty Nice

A Bold Initiative
for Gender Equality

She Creates Change was creatively spearheaded by Emmy-winner Martha Adams for Room to Read. The episodes were directed by a collective of diverse women curated by Nexus. The brief was to take real life stories of young girls in disadvantaged areas and turn them into animated short films which celebrate the courageousness of the girls, and inspire the next generation.

With a script centred on the internal struggles and machinations of a teenage girl, the film "Keya" heavily relied on careful acting by our animation team. Director Bonnie Forsyth wanted to create an emotional story that used visual metaphor to describe a difficult subject in a way that allowed Keya's courage to shine through. Painterly textures, beautiful design and frame by frame 2D animation create a moving story of one girls intelligence overcoming adversity.

“Don’t apologize for your ambition. And always be an advocate for yourself. No one believes in you, no one’s going to root for you. No one’s going to advocate for you better than yourself. So don’t apologize for both wanting more, and asking for more,” says Charithra Chandran (Keya).

Inspiring girls to
create positive change

The second film we worked on was called "Naifat" co-directed by Claudia Chinyere Akole and Bonnie Forsyth. Naifat’s film had the goal of mimicking the appearance of Claudia's layered POSCA marker works, specifically those drawn on multiple layers of wet media acetate. A combination of digital and traditional work was used to achieve this. By using POSCA paint markers, we achieved a unique look using big sections of bold saturated colour, simplified shapes, and clear silhouettes.

When designing a piece of work that will be used in the classrooms of other countries, great attention also had to be paid to any cultural sensitivities in the script. Since Naifat had styled her hijab tucked behind her ears at home in the reference photos we were provided, earlier designs had Naifat’s ears visible. We learned this could potentially reflect poorly to her local Muslim community, so we amended her hijab in the film to always cover her ears.

Each episode for She Creates Change is comprised of an animated short with accompanying live action mini documentaries that feature the narratives of six courageous young women from historically low-income communities in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Vietnam, and feature voice over from world-class talent such as Freida Pinto and Charithra Chandran. The episodes premiered on International Woman's Day, broadcast on the Discovery ASIA channel to a huge audience.

A Mighty Crew with Nice Talent

and the most decent human beings you’ll probably ever meet…

Animation Production: Mighty Nice

Executive Creative Director

Darren Price

Head of Production

Tina Braham


Diana Angelius

Production Assistant

Georgie Caprioli

Head of Studio

Ben Seager


Bonnie Forsyth, Claudia Chinyere Akole


Courtney Collins

Storyboard Artist

Bonnie Forsyth


Claudia Chinyere Akole, Hannah Peck, Alea Trinajstic, Wendy Lu


Alex Dray, Alea Trinajstic, Bonnie Forsyth, Wendy Lu, Josh Trotter, Ramon Jose, Georgia Kriss, Darcy Woodbridge

Animation Clean-up

Craig Campbell, Dominic Aldis, Wendy Lu

Composite Lead

Mike Lomas, Chris Angelius


Wendy Lu, Jeremy Carlen

Production: Nexus Studios

Series Director

Martha Adams

Executive Producer

Julia Parfitt


Electra Fotopoulou

PR & Marketing

Valentina Tarelli, Nancy Edmondson, Stephanie Anjo

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