SBS : 6 Billion Stories and Counting…

“Working with Mighty Nice on our latest ident package for SBS was a sheer delight. Their creative response to a massive task was ingenious, diverse and surprising (in a good way). The animation that was delivered on a complex brief really enriched the total project.”


Working with different design teams across the brand package, we created a distinct look for each ident reflecting the variety of programs and cultures that SBS present. Beginning with a simple structure, we push inside an abstracted human brain to view a world inspired by sound. The brief from there was open and our synapses were free to fire. The designers all had such wonderful, different approaches – great brains at work!

Sparkling Synapses


These brand idents for SBS are based on the sounds of SBS, and feature abstract animation depiciting the wonderful goings on inside our brains as we watch the channel. Here are some of the storyboards we put together.