Stockland – Cheer from here

“I have been very merry to go 3 for 3 on the ever fun and fast paced Stockland Christmas spots. This year we tackled the idea of spreading happiness, not covid! We have been working to build this lovely illustrated world for a few years now with recurring fun characters and celebrating the Australian chrissy spirit! Coming back to this world is like putting back on a favourite pair of shoes now” 


“Don’t say share, and don’t mention spread, Find new ways of getting cheer out there instead.”

Even Santa and our beloved Dunder couldn’t dodge the impact of COVID-19 in 2021. We returned for a third season to Stockland’s Christmas campaign for a 2D adventure with a few recognisable Australian landmarks.


“Santa was ready to spread Christmas cheer, ’Til his PR elves advised not to say that this year.”

We have made a Christmas spot that embraces the challenges which many Aussies have been experiencing through the covid lockdowns of 2021. The script tackles the issue head on by bringing humour and alternate ways of sending the Christmas cheer into the mix. We have used our existing design sense of a storybook aesthetic; detailed and painterly backgrounds with family friendly and fun character designs.

This was the third in our Stockland Christmas series and we were very merry to be back on board. We have a big soft spot for this campaign which utilises recurring characters and designs from previous years.


“Getting the same team back together again was probably the best part of the project for me. It’s always lovely when you have a crew who knows what the vision and style is that you are trying to achieve, as well as being familiar with the process. We had a few new additions to the crew as well and I feel that the animation delivered in this spot is the best and most action packed to date.” – Bonnie Forsyth, Director

  • Director
    Bonnie Forsyth
  • Head of Production
    Tina Braham
  • Producer
    Chloe Marshall
  • Designs
    Georgia Kriss, Anthony Vivien, Darcy Woodbridge
  • Animation
    Darcy Woodbridge, Leeane Lee, Georgia Kriss, Max Wanniaratchy
  • Compositor
    Chris Angelius
  • Print
    Georgia Kriss, Leanne Lee, Kylie Sun