Google – Story of an Idea

“Every press conference should start with adorable animation like this.”


Google’s hotly anticipated annual I/O developers’ conference in San Francisco kicked off with a 4.5 minute animated short film from Nexus Studios’ director FX Goby. Premiering across 3 cinematic screens to an audience on the ground of 7000, it was live-streamed to millions of viewers around the globe.
FX’s charming animation follows the story of ‘Aye’, protecting and nurturing ‘Idea’ until it evolves into something stellar.

Mighty Nice collaborated with Nexus and FX Goby, animating the black and white 2D animation.




In order to tell the story, FX directed a team of over 40 studio artists across Nexus  and Mighty Nice to reflect the evolution of animation itself. The film builds from hand drawn 2D black and white animation to a full CG VFX heavy grand finale and was combined with a full soundtrack in surround sound for an advanced concert audio system.



“It felt like all the planets were aligned. We had the full trust and support of Google from the beginning, it was extremely collaborative working with the creative team there and equally the most challenging and smooth running project I’ve had the chance to work on”.

FX Goby