Telstra : Uncaged

“The level of craft and attention to detail from all the artists combined to create a truly captivating experience for the Telstra store. Seeing the birds and rich environment come to life on a such a large scale was both enchanting and satisfying to say the least”.


The world we designed for the Telstra Uncaged project had to strike a balance between geometric sophistication and organic beauty. Through exploratory sketches, paintups and 3D sculpting, we fashioned a family of stylised geometric birds styled against a Rosella.

The technical design challenge was to maintain a stylised form for the bird, while coupling it with realistic movement and behaviour.

Geometric and organic


We were tasked to create an ambient experience which communicated the emotional aspects of the Telstra brand –sophistication, transformation, movement, communication and colour. Our birds were animated with social behaviours, transmitting colour from one bird to the next. We observed real-life flocking behaviours, and brought them to life in our bird colony to introduce a realistic social dynamic within the colony of these birds.

The experience is designed to play throughout the day, with the environment’s lighting situation evolving over time, and the birds’ behaviour also reflecting this change to create a more inviting ambience to the store.


We had to design birds with a minimalist approach to form, but had the ability to articulate realistic motion for our animators to work with. The environment was designed so light and shadow could play beautifully through it’s leaves and branches as the time of day changed, with the idea of turning Telstra’s massive in-store display into a delightful portal to another living world.

The digital birds were also extended into the physical world, using coloured 3D printing and hand-made paper construction to create the retail bird displays.

  • Director
    Robertino Zambrano
  • Executive Creative Director
    Darren Price
  • Creative Director
    Softly Dunstan
  • Producers
    Donna Scully,
    Gabrielle Joosten
  • Head of Studio
    Jeremy Howdin
  • Design
    Anthony Vivien
    Josh Edwards
    Eddy Herringson
  • Modelling & Surfacing
    Greg Petchkovsky
    Serge Astahov,
    Dominic Lau
    Tristan Lock
  • Rigging
    Vincent E Sousa
    Ludovic Habas
  • Animation
    Lucas Michaels
    Duncan McLaren
    Balazs Mezaros
  • Lighting & VFX
    Serge Kovalenko
  • Compositing
    Navid Bagherzadeh
    Dean Richichi