in Early Development


in Early Development

‘A pus-filled adventure full of tricks, lies and scams. A comic so disgusting you can smell it!’


Author of ‘Home Time’

Grotty rotten

Mud. Grime. Slime. Muck. When Mighty Nice optioned this graphic novel, we knew it would be a success. Because teenagers are grotty. With the concept bible done and dusted, this 10 episode miniseries is currently in development.

In a world of Pat Grant’s making, if you’re willing to get filthy, you could get filthy rich! Anyone can strike it big in Falter City, so there’s no better place to be a con-artist… Or a moron…

Set in a post-apocalyptic Australia, this story caught our attention for its excellent writing and disgusting world. After developing the concept bible, Mighty Nice secured funding from Screen Tasmania to lead a writers workshop with some of Australia’s best talent. Watch this space for what’s to come.

Every day

Comedy crime caper

It’s not easy to write a con in a savvy and surprising way. This is a hilarious coming of age story that explores themes of resilience, family, greed, and more.

A rich world. Rich characters. Rich themes. Rich… well… riches. Like the booming gold rush towns of yesteryear, Falter City sprung up out of nowhere

The discovery of an extremely valuable natural resource only found in the filthy depths of The Grot is its only reason. It’s also what sucked us in.

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