The Grot

"The Grot has the makings of a true Australian classic as absurdly funny as it is disturbingly realistic."

Shaun Tan

Author of "The Arrival"

The Grot By Mighty Nice

A pus-filled adventure full
of tricks, lies and scams.

Sydney based Mighty Nice have teamed up with Australian creator Pat Grant to develop and produce the award winning graphic novel The Grot into an animated comedy series for older kids, tweens - and anyone else looking for a ripping yarn with heart, humour and a thick layer of grunge.

The Grot is a coming-of-age comedy caper that follows two very different pairs of siblings trying to find their way and figure out who they can actually trust in the corrupt chaos of Falter City, a boom-town crawling with con artists and dodgy scammers. The collision of these young grifters changes everything as the Swamp City puts all four siblings to the test to see how dirty they are willing to get.

Falter City is booming due to the discovery of a miraculous, green algae found only out in the surrounding swamps - deep in “The Grot”. This has set off the “Green Rush” - the great migration of their time. Fresh hordes pour in daily to try their luck in the murky, toxic Grot. Anyone willing to get filthy can also get rich.

Mud. Grime.
Slime. Muck.

“We were drawn to this graphic novel as it deals with substantial issues of trust and the bonds of family in an action-driven, compelling story.” explains Darren “There are not many stories that can do all this, set against the backdrop of a post-industrial climate disaster and still be funny as hell.”

As one of the brains behind the co-production of Australian illustrated classic Bottersnikes & Gumbles (Netflix/ABC/BBC), studio founder Darren Price always has his eye out for graphic stories with a strong local voice and the potential to resonate internationally.

The engine of the story is the Art of the Con, which is a non-violent crime form that opens up us issues of conflict, trust and family in a way that is dramatic and action-filled, yet still sits safely within a PG-13 rating. We feel this makes for excellent 4 quadrant viewing filled with big laughs and big issues.

A Mighty Crew with Nice Talent

and the most decent human beings you’ll probably ever meet…

Animation Production: Mighty Nice

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