Artline : The Mighty Artline




Having all grown up using Sharpies, Finelines and other Artline pens, we were excited to pitch on such a fun brief. It was almost a homage to all that doodling we did as kids. We quickly called up lots of mates, roped in an amateur hand-model (hey! she didn’t charge anything!) and got to work.


The Artline is the mightiest of pens.


The shoot crew was pretty lean – dammit we didn’t even have catering! Our hand-model was 8months pregnant, and it was a stinking hot day. But Nelson was cool under pressure as we worked through the shots– Toby kept his eye on the details too.

We had already collected the amazing illustrations by Karl Kwasny, We Buy Your Kids, Toby Pedersen and Greg Petchkovsky. All we needed to do was pretend to draw them really fast!


The crew had a really tight turnaround on this, and everyone brought their best to the table to make sure the end result was brilliant.

  • Director
    Darren Price
  • Producer
    Fi Patterson
  • Lead Animators
    Toby Pederson , Alex Grigg
  • Footage and VFX
    Nelson Alves
  • AFX
    Hung Tran
  • Illustration
    WBYK, Karl Kwasny, Toby Pedersen, Greg Petchkovsky
  • Hand Model
    Softly Dunstan