Nada Yada Yada

for OKRP Chicago

and metro by T Mobile

Nada Yada Yada

for OKRP Chicago
and  metro by T Mobile

“Some kudos for you all. The client has shared with us the early test results and I can tell ya, I’ve never seen this much GREEN on a spot in ACE testing in my lifeeeee! Every single test metric has exceeded norms, significantly. Well done everyone – such a brilliant job in such few days – the best team!”

OKRP Chicago

Advertising Agency in Chicago, Illinois

Nostalgic  yet

Remember those old stop-motion Christmas specials? Sure you do.
We’ve always had a soft spot for them and when OKRP asked us to recreate this classic look for a T-Mobile Metro campaign, you didn’t have to ask us twice – until they asked us to do it in 5 weeks and then we took a deep breath.

The creative called on a style from our deepest childhood, the classic Rankin Bass Christmas films. That meant an in-camera, stop-motion movement with a heavy dose of nostalgia but still within a contemporary world. 

Much of the aesthetic comes from the limitations of the medium back then, so today we need to intentionally set limitations – decisions such as building marionette-style mouths or dropping frames in the motion – to create space for the happy mistakes that make this style magical and authentically less modern.

what a cracker!

Rendering to feel solid and tactile is always a challenge and the sheer volume of characters and scenarios across 4 TV and 2 social spots made it even more so.

Be it the fur on the donkey or the paper textures on the Jack-in-the-box family – they all have unique qualities that need to feel just right.

We’ve invested in our hardware rendering capacity so we knew our pipeline could achieve the photo-real miniature look across the campaign and in the timeframe.

No Surprises Jack

Designing of a suite of characters is never something to be stepped into lightly. It’s fun, but we had a week to nail 12 hero characters that were nostalgic, charming, diverse AND contemporary. We worked with an international team of artists leveraging our global creative partnership with Nexus Studios allowing us to work in two time zones and push the design as far and as fast as possible.

The final hurdle was breathing life into the details such as faces and eyes within the limited style. In keeping with the “steppy” stop-motion style, we wanted it to look as mechanical and realistic but still be charming as heck with an expressive acting range that would hit all the beats.

The whole team was on point, our process went like clockwork and OKRP was with us every step of the way. Even with a fast timeline we were able to add the little details, flourishes and extra side characters to make the world feel full, magical and alive.”

¡Música, burrito!

and the most decent human beings you’ll probably ever meet…


metro by T Mobile


OKRP Chicago

Executive creative Director

Darren Price

Executive Producer

Tina Braham


Diana Angelius

Production Assistant

Kirsten Bassil

Head of Studio

Ben Seager

Storyboard Artists

Bonnie Taylor Forsyth, Alea Trinajstic

Character Designer

Bonnie Forsyth, Alea Trinajstic, Pete McDonald

Environment Designer

Jason Pamment

3D Lead

Mike Lomas


Cosmo Park, Genevieve Falkland, Billy Harrison, Baros TV


Tessa Eden, Miquel Campos


Duncan MacLaren, Jad El-Khoury, Kate Kerrigan


Billy Harrison


Mike Lomas, Cosmo Park, Trent Rogan


Chris Angelius, Jeremy Carlen, Pete Nizic

Executive Producer

Ryan Smith, Brooke Williams


Katrina Lofaro, Jo Bierton

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