Proud & Punch – Treat Me Good

“It goes without saying – but I will, this was such a beautiful job. The team of creative people here are nothing short of thrilled with this job. The suits love it too and most importantly, the client. Everyone who has worked on this has enjoyed it so much. You guys have been stars.”


Mighty Nice were delighted to bring to life such beautiful original art from Phillip Small in this campaign for Peters Proud & Punch all natural pops.

We worked endlessly to recreate the watercolour effects on the animals textures and surfaces, while seeking a balance with the ‘real-world’ pop that remained centre screen.

Existing pack art was projected onto 3D planes to allow the leaves to bend and rustle in the gentle wind.

watercolour on paper


After the voice actors brought the sweet, pun-filled scripts by Leo Burnett alive with character and expression, we knew these were going to be a fantastic set of spots.

feel-good treats


Big shout-outs to Serge’s 3D skills in careful set building, Tess and her research on feathers of all kinds, and Supriya’s eye for colour.

  • Directors
    Softly Dunstan
    Darren Price
  • Animation Director
    Duncan McLaren
  • Art Director
    Softly Dunstan
  • Senior Producer
    Tina Braham
  • Junior Producer
    Diana Angelius
  • Head of Studio
    Jeremy Howdin
  • Storyboards
    Adrienne Gwen Bolina, Bonnie Forsyth
  • Model/Surface
    Serge Astahov, Tessa Eden, Andrew Kimberley
  • Rigging
    Tessa Eden
  • Animation
    Duncan MacLaren, Ben Hubbard, Ben Wright
  • Lighting
    Serge Astahov, Bailey Smith
  • Composite
    Supriya Bhonsle, Mathieu Carlot