Keep it clever

for Universities Australia

and McCann

keep it clever

for Universities Australia
and McCann

“Darren and the gang at Mighty Nice did an incredible job in what was an incredibly short amount of time. They took our idea and ran with it to create a sad yet heartwarming, beautiful film.”


Creative, McCann

don’t get
left behind

Mighty Nice can sometimes get a bit caught up in all things computer’y… 3D CGI up the wazoo! And so a call for a loose hand drawn style of traditional animation with a limited colour palette was very well received in the studio. It was an incredibly enjoyable process. All the way from designing the saddest creature with the best bounciest butt that Noah’s Ark had left behind through to deciding which pen thickness to use in TV paint. All good.

We particularly liked that each scene had it’s own gag and colour space, lending to strong, simple print images and follow through on the Universities Australia website. It’s nice when it all works so well. Australia could be left behind unless University Education and research is supported. Repetition of message with variety, gags, and a call for empathy. It all builds and comes together nicely at the end.

Our job was to give this strong message a face. Or a number of very cute – and sometimes sad faces. The tiny penguin left on top of the iceberg. A caveman seperated from the booty shaking with the splitting of the continents. A sailor trapped outside the submarine.

Keep it clever!

We really felt like we had the ultimate team on this project. Everyone liked the message and the style immediately – so the high quality of animation and the crafting of the film came more easily than usual.

and the most decent human beings you’ll probably ever meet…


Darren Price


Fi Patterson


Pete Yong


Alex Grigg


Mike Singca


Ben Ommundson


Aaron McDonald


Denis Bouyer


Ling Siu

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