vb -ar

for Carlton and United Beverages

and Traffik Group


for Carlton and United Beverages
and Traffik Group

“It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with the super talented folk at Mighty Nice. The level of craft that they injected into each frame of our VB animation is world class, helping us to elevate the AR experience to the next level.”

Kent Boswell

National Director Of Interactive, Traffik (Clemenger Group)

classic cool

VB was after a cool little AR piece to compliment their Australia day merchandise release. We were supplied some awesome illustrations by the talented Jake Ross and were asked to take them to the next level; bringing to life a surfer dude, a rock hand, a tradie boot and more – spilling out of a foaming VB can. We have created a 15sec looping animation for AR, activated by a QR code found inside select VB merchandise.

The animation features a VB can with froth pouring out through the top and spilling down the sides. The foam becomes the stage for a rocker hand, a flaming speaker, a surfer dude and a shark fin, a tradie boot and a classic Aussie meat pie. These iconic items spill up and out of the VB can and sink into the foam, which eventually bubbles away, leaving a sparkling clean can before the whole animation starts again.

The animation is set to the very recognisable VB theme song. The animation is viewed through the Eyejack app, which is very entertaining playing out over a VB bucket hand or cooler.


We used basic Flash/Adobe animate to do all of the animated content – hand animating with a Cintiq. Then the final render was run through the Eyejack App and activated on a smartphone using a QR code printed onto tags on the merchandise.

and the most decent human beings you’ll probably ever meet…


Bonnie Forsyth


Tina Braham


Diana Angelius


Jeremy Howdin


Jake Ross


Bonnie Forsyth


Catriona Drummond, Michael Shiao Chen

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