Viva – A–Z of Cleans

“The final Viva stuff looks awesome and we would like to thank the whole team at Mighty Nice for the great work. We had a lots of fun working on this with you. We will no doubt be working together in the near future.”


The graphic design style for this campaign needed to be locked off early as we rolled out many, many animations in a short turnaround. The colour palette had to be pinned down early so they could sit as tidy ‘sets’ no matter what combination they landed in final edit stages.

The simple design style also meant we could generate quick renders and deliveries at final stages.

Graphic, bold, simple


The versatility of Viva paper towels is told through an alphabet story of ‘stuff that can be cleaned up by Viva’. Ranging from ‘D is for Dust’, ‘G is for Gunk’ and even ‘U is for Ugly Things’ the entire alphabet gets covered. The spots are filled with charm and humour as everyday life problems get the Viva solution.

A–Z of Cleans


This project was always going to need a massive push at the end as we needed to output the final films at varying crops, sizes and resolutions for various media platforms. Thankfully the brief was for a graphic, simple style of animation, allowing for quick renders and adjustments at final stages.

With Alex Grigg and Darren Price as co-directors, the team first solidified a firm design style with an in-house styleguide, then moved into simple animation for maximum impact.

Cross media output