Masterchef – Vivid Projection

Mighty Nice at VIVID Sydney! Cute mini-chefs create a giant cake in an animated projection on the ASN Co building, Sydney. Celebrating 10 years of Vivid Sydney and 10 years of Channel 10’s Masterchef.


The main focus of our VIVID piece is the beautiful, multi-tiered cake. This has been made using 3D CGI with some additional painting to enhance the final image. Building the cake in 3D allows us to use depth – like when the base of the cake rolls towards camera – making the projection really pop against the ASN Co Building. Our characters have been animated traditionally by hand in 2D, giving greater contrast against the cake.

Mystery Gateau


The cake is built by mini ‘construction chefs’. The cake grows up the height of ASN Co as the little chefs add layer after layer, carefully positioning each element. There are little concrete trucks delivering cream, wheelbarrows delivering strawberries, and crane arms placing toffee. A chef waves in a ’10’ sculpted out of lights at the pinnacle of the cake to light up the party and kick off the celebrations.


Our tight knit team ran this project like they were in a commercial kitchen with the Masterchef clock ticking. Seeing our final animation projected onto a historic building in Sydney was a truly great experience.


  • Director
    Bonnie Taylor Forsyth
  • Exec. Creative Director
    Darren Price
  • Art Director
    Softly Dunstan
  • Design
    Bonnie Taylor Forsyth
    Jason Pamment
    Pete McDonald
  • Model/Surface
    Tessa Eden
    Charles Ewart
    Greg Petchkovsky
    Andrew Silke
  • 2D Animation
    Bonnie Taylor Forsyth
    Victoria Dinh
    Michael Chen
  • 3D Animation
    Tessa Eden
    Duncan MacLaren
  • Light/Render
    Tessa Eden
    Charles Ewart
  • Composite
    Federico Martinez
    Kallie Ennever
    Gareth Chang
  • Head of Studio
    Jeremy Howdin
  • Production
    Tina Braham
    Diana Angelius